A Heartbeat that makes us different!

SMS Heartbeat is an automated monitoring and testing tool to measure all your primary and fallback routes.

  • Continuously test all verification criteria like a heartbeat,
  • High throughput
  • Thousands of test numbers available
  • Unbeaten channel availability
  • Secure platform
  • at a price that keeps you smiling!

Test your SMS routes for any conceivable criteria and have a full overview and custom report at a glance. Program your individual scripts and let them execute your daily testing routines.

SMS Heartbeat is a revolutionary new testing tool for A2P SMS Messaging that can be used by SMS aggregators and mobile operators alike. SMS Heartbeat is a web based tool that will enable companies to improve their quality of service monitoring, vendor management and rate management. SMS Heartbeat is not just a testing tool but it also allows for the testing of GSM features and specific content via easy to use templates that we provide.

SMS Heartbeat will help you lower your total cost of operations while increasing the robustness of your testing and quality when it comes to testing routes or features. It uses a hybrid of techniques to test delivery to a particular country such as crowd source testing and also the deployment of multiple testing nodes per operator per country.  Unlike some of other other testing tools our there – we pride ourselves in having one of the largest test banks globally with hundreds of mobile numbers to test to per country – operator node.

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