UPM Telecom has provided voice services for over 10 years.  UPM Telecom specializes in providing voice delivery platform that optimizes cost and quality for our customers.   UPM Telecom’s voice delivery platform is used for large OTT players.

SMS Messaging

UPM Telecom is a premium wholesale SMS supplier. UPM Telecom specializes in providing top quality and premium routes for operators and mobile aggregators. UPM Telecom provides both transactional and promotional messaging services.

SMS Heartbeat

SMS Heartbeat is an automated monitoring and testing tool to measure all your primary and fallback routes. Test your SMS routes for any conceivable criteria and have a full overview and custom report at a glance. Program your individual scripts and let them execute your daily testing routines.

IVR Detector

Benefit from the IVR Detector the most powerful tool on the market! Voice announcement filter will eliminate unwanted network messages on your routes! Solid and field proven by the experience of filtering billions of calls.

UPM Telecom provides global SMS and Voice delivery to all major networks.

Features and Benefits

Fast Reliable delivery
Transactional And Bulk SMS
Global MNP/HLR
High Conversion Routing