Are you looking for good reasons for non-eli route operators to pick YOU as their preferred client for all those hot high revenue destinations?

Get on top of the food chain by delivering “clean” traffic to your non-cli route suppliers. Benefit from the best routes at the best rates by pre-filtering your traffic from hunting calls using the Traffic Cleanser for Carriers designed by UPM Technology.

Benefit from the intelligence and know-how gained by having filtered billions of calls.

The powerful combination of
• filtering huntong calls in real time,
• dynamic parameter control, and
• adaptive number checkpoints

makes the Traffic Cleanser for Carriers the essential tool when it comes to delivering clean traffic to your non-cli route vendors.

The Traffic Cleanser for Carriers is an innovative aggregated data service that provides the best possible filtering criteria against hunting calls. Where a black or white list limits the volume of terminated calls, the Traffic Cleanser does not lower the throughput and helps your valuable route suppliers to avoid SIM blocking as a result of hunting calls.

Based on statistics and real time monitoring of calls, the smart filter algorithms rate every handled call and make a decision whether the call is safe enough to take on or to route it to your backup trunk. Our real time adaptive solution monitors every call before it has even connected as well as during the full duration of the call until is disconnected.

Hunting calls: Hunting calls is the ultimate anti-bypass feature used by mobile operators in order to find out if a SIM is being used in a Gateway. Easy and very efficient, calls placed by probes (A party) to specific B party numbers will be monitored for the CLI presented. Any other CLI than the original A party CLI proves that the call is routed via a grey route. In combination with HBS and BTS monitoring, hunting call makes it even easy for mobile operators to locate gateway co-locations of your route providers.

Hunting calls are 100% efficient if your traffic is not filtered professionally.

Your non-cli route suppliers SIMs hit by hunting calls either get blocked immediately or after a short time, depending on the solution being used by the mobile operator.

Professional bypass operators do their best to avoid their SIMs being hit by hunting calls, but it significantly increases their efforts and decreases their volumes and profits. That’s why non-cli route operators are looking for the client with the best and “cleanest” traffic.