Benefit from the IVR Detector the most powerful tool on the market!

Benefit from the IVR Detector, the most powerful tool on the market! UPM voice announcement filter will eliminate unwanted network messages on your routes! Solid and field proven by the experience of filtering billions of calls.

Voice announcements, such as: “you have insufficient credit to place this call”, or “you’re SIM is blocked, please contact our customer service”, can easily ruin your day.

Increase your ACD and ASR by eliminating these unwanted messages, as well as other short duration mailbox calls. Impress your customers with better value and with the cleanest traffic ever!

The IVR Detector for carriers is an innovative solution that will detect voice announcements, even before you connect the call.  Whenever the system detects a voice announcement, you simply route the call to the next available channel with no negative impact on the calling A-party, alternatively, in the case of a mailbox answer, you can simply reject the call.

Are you challenged by unwanted voice announcements, caused by your suppliers cheap non-CLI routes?

Do you still want to be able to make use out of these “cheap” non-CLI routes in hot destinations?