About Our Company

In 2007, the founders of UPM set out to start a truly exceptional company. By identifying and following through on strategies needed to stand out from the competition, UPM founders assured the company would be a sustainable business and valuable community member in all the countries in which UPM operates. Because of this, UPM has made it a priority to always be ahead of the technological, and financial curves, as well as maintaining world-class customer service. Today, UPM and its partners continue to realize the benefits of this well-structured company, successfully operating in five countries worldwide. UPM’s forward thinking strategies assure that UPM will continue to be an industry and community leader for years to come.

What We Do

Engineering the Business Communications Evolution, UPMs engineers are constantly evolving as individuals and as a team to establish a standard in the industry for integrated communications to help drive businesses forward. UPM is an accomplished network integrator and experienced management services provider. We leverage our network expertise and our unique approach to mixing managed services with customer-owned systems to create powerful communications solutions.


It is UPM’s vision to exceed our partner’s expectations through effective utilization of leading technology, unwavering support, and impeccable management.


Our mission is to provide unmatched quality, stability, security, and rates by using the best equipment and technology available in today’s marketplace. We believe that by using the most up-to-date technology, we are able to provide a superior product to the consumer, thereby capturing significant market share. We are committed to making sure that our customers are able to do that in a way that is both dependable and cost effective.


UPM’s operations department consists of some of the best VOIP engineers and software developers in the industry. We strive to provide a consistent quality product, while innovating new internal tools, and increasing our capacity. Our team is big enough to meet the needs of UPM’s customers and nimble enough to change as the market dictates. operations@upmtelecom.com


Our network is taken care of by the most qualified engineers. With 3 integrated NOC departments across the globe, we ensure support all day all year. We are committed to ensuring our customers and partners that we will consistently have a reliable quality product upon which to build your business. If you need assistance now open up a case on http://support.upmtelecom.com


Our partners reply on UPM for more than just excellent service and products, they reply on UPM for unsurpassed financial integrity. Every aspect of assuring a safe and dependable trading environment in a global market has been accounted for. Offering neutral, accurate, and timely accounting, UPM uses CDR and billing reconciliation services offered by Verify Systems (www.verifysystems.com). By employing the credit insurance services of Euler Hermes ACI (www.eulerhermes.us), who has been underwriting trade related transactions for over 100 years, our partners can be can be assured that UPMs financial continuity will not be compromised. A solely owed private company, UPM is FCC 214 and FUSF 499 registered and adheres to the SEC’s GAAP guidelines, maintaining regularly audited financials by independent CPA firms.


Through its diverse partner base of today’s leading Tier 1, Debit and Wholesale carriers, UPM is able to effectively engage in a variety of business cases tailored to be a “win-win” for all our partners.
UPM sales and support staff is made up entirely of seasoned telecom professionals, who together, work hand in hand to assure that every customer is afforded the best in customer service. From proper product placement to feature rich QoS reporting, UPM can be counted on in establishing long lasting, profitable business relationships.

Contact sales@upmtelecom.com to learn more.